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Fishing games

Online Fishing Game

Fishing game is very popular among online gamers because the graphics and items are very good and easy to play. Similar to games in the Amusement Center, Entertainment Center and Casino, it is now available online to play easily and for fun.

If you have questioned about how many ways you can play with easy shooting fishing game, fishing game can be played in 2 ways..

Playing with others online

This way means playing with a stranger in a room, but sometimes you may play solo with a solitary room. The advantage is that no one will come to snatch the item, so you can play calmly. But it will take more time to shoot big fish. Do not forget that if you play with many people, they are also shooting the fish you aimed.

Playing with the room

In this way, you can choose the friend and enter the empty room to play. After selecting the room, you will see the room’s password. If your friend wants to play with you, he can enter the room by entering the password of the room.

  • Choosing a gun for shooting fish

    You can click on the gun icon to select it. If you click again, it will return to the previous gun. There are two types of guns.

  • The big gun

    It is a gun that fires one bullet at a time. For those who are always playing, you can choose the fish you want to shoot and shoot the fish straight with this gun.

  • The electric gun

    This gun is perfect for shooting the fish you want. Do not worry about which fish will obstruct your bullet to hit the target, because the electric gun will only hit the fish of your choice.

    Although it is easy to play, the prize money for fishing is really too much. Therefore, if you study carefully before playing, you will definitely reap the benefits.

    Each fish has a different score. Depending on the bullet you put in, it will be multiplied by the score number of fish.